Friday, 19 October 2012

Mobile Phone And Tech Writers Needed

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Are you a mobile phone geek based anywhere in Nigeria? Are you the one your friends or family look up to when they want to buy a new phone? Are you the one who always want and is interested in getting the latest mobile phones available in the market? If you are, you are the one who is most needed to make a contribution to NaijaPhoneBlog. We are currently inviting all tech bloggers to contribute articles. What you get in return is a full credits (max 2 links to your blog) in the author biography. If you are interested, please send your email to 08084219399 indicating your interest and area of expertise. Once received, we will we will send an invite from our blog.

Do you know the interested part? you submitted original and high quality articles should between 50 - 100  words with high quality picture. This is because we believe our readers are very busy and would not want to get them bored with stories, hence our tech stories are conveyed through pictures.